About Us

Our company Go-Green Int'l Inc, is one of the biggest USA importers / Exporters that focus one eco-fridedly disposable Tableware and Cutlery. which is biodegradable products, made from green natural sugar cane bagasse,bamboo pulp,etc.

We have our factory in China with production capacity of 900-1200 containers a year, we have over 750 employees from our organizations in both USA and China locations.We have warehouse over 6000sq foot in Los Angeles area (Walnut City) / California in USA as one of our distribution centers. All products we produced meet the standard of FDA, SGS (European), MHW (Japan). We are also ISO9000,ISO14000AND ISO28000 certified organizations.

We would like to have an opportunity to work with you to develop the big market and to protect our earth together with our best environmentally friendly green products.